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Welcome to Metatronic Life

"There is something extraordinary happening in our world: the light is penetrating the darkness of our bodies, our energy systems, our lineages, deep into the genetic roots where our stories are held. We have access to energy which is the direct antidote to our illusions of separation: as we delve ever-deeper into the ethers, we are finding the deep magic in creation, and science is following where the mystics have led." Quoted from Harps of Gold, Pippa Merivale's introductory book on Metatronic Healing®.

What does the method offer that is different? A single sentence might say something like: "it dissolves from your cellular memory the 'story' or stories,or the limiting beliefs that arise from fear, and it activates the intelligence of your heart centre, the most potent energy centre you possess, engaging that power station fully with the energies of love - the creative force of the Universe - to fuel and direct your life." Metatronic Healing can't be summed up in a sentence, of course. The deeper understanding, harnessing and integration of these extraordinary, life-changing energies are what the Classes are for.

The difference between Metatronic Healing and some of the older modalities lies above all in the unique combination of high-frequency Metatronic energies with methods for putting those to work in your life. This clarifies your energy body, clearing it of the confusion and heaviness that every one of us carries to some degree, and wakes you up, into power, into love. This reconnection with your Divine source, your power and truth, brings real transformation: it builds your physical health while bringing you a whole new level of relationship with yourself, your loved ones, with your own Soul and Spirit.


The Divine Healing Clinic - an online, virtual facility - has also been created to bring the energies of Metatronic Healing right into your cells, in the comfort of your own home, through a series of energetically charged, musically accompanied guided journeys with Metatron.

Our Classes, or Workshops, serve as intensive personal healing events and also, for those who wish to pursue a professional training, as educational courses for trainee Metatronic Practitioners. The core gift in any Metatronic Healing Class is in the transmissions of divine energy, which recalibrate your energy matrix and radically stimulate the deep restoring of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies: this restoration brings profound and lasting change in your life.

The result of a Class or a Personal Session? A gentle dissipation of the old 'tapes' that have run you from the darkness of their hidden places in your cells, convincing you of things like lack and fear on all kinds of levels - and instead, a steady increase in your confidence and health, your relationships, your sense of purpose and fulfillment, and your divinely-given power and light.

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